Vlogging is SO awkward!

Week 3 was a fun one! I was able to practice my painting skills after watching some Youtube videos on the process! So, excuse my rookie vlogging abilities, and check out my week 3 progress! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPm5l_bu87Q&list=PLzA4QHrxVNuHuvqeBn5VdGvda-D5DIce4   Thanks for watching! 🙂


Can You Say #Overwhelmed ??

Woah! I think I just participated in my first #edchat tonight, but that hour was a blur! It was so exciting and overwhelming! I do not know what I would have done without TweetDeck! It was really hard to keep up with the hashtag when tweets were passing through my screen at lightning speed. At …

New Websites Scare Me

My previous statement about struggling with technology was proven to be true this week. Navigating an unfamiliar website was definitely a challenge. Luckily, the website already had suggested hashtags ready for me, and I began my navigation process there. I scrolled through #education for a while, and then through #technology. I bounced back and forth …