Counter Narrative- Grid Roads

Grid roads are something that every Saskatchewan resident can relate to. But, no story will ever be the exact same. In my story about grid roads, the narrative I related my story to was the story of the nation. My story emphasizes the life of a teenager in a small town. A quotation from the … Continue reading Counter Narrative- Grid Roads


Reading Response

After reading the article, I came to realize that my own ethnic identities have shaped my teaching identities, classroom practices, and relationship with students. I can relate to the Australia example, because I grew up in an almost all white school, and it was perceived that the different cultures coming to Canada are the only … Continue reading Reading Response

Beginning Courageous Conversations about Race Response

“Beginning Courageous Conversations about Race” related well to the topics discussed in class. Similar to Evans talk in class, the article did not sugar coat anything. The authors clearly understands the difficulties relating to the topic and has possibly dealt with them first hand. The section about discomfort was very relatable. I do not know … Continue reading Beginning Courageous Conversations about Race Response