Summary of Learning- Project Style

This semester for my learning project, I focussed on DIY-ing and set out the goal for myself to build a bench!

Heres my journey:

Week One: Choosing my Learning Project

I was unsure of what I wanted to do, and I was back and forth between different ideas. I decided on building a bench, and my goal was to learn how to paint, glaze, and finish the bench in order for it to look professionally done.

Week Two: Measure Twice… Cut Once!

This was the week where I did most of my research. I found most of the resources I would end up using through the course of the semester. I created a Pinterest board to display my vision, and found the paint and glaze as well as the techniques to follow.

Week Three: Vlogging is SO awkward!

This week I tried a blog on my experience for the week. I found a place to purchase my items, and I tested out my painting and glazing skills based on some techniques I found on the internet!

Week Four: DIY-ing and Experiment-ing

I now know how to paint and glaze, but can I create barn wood?

Week Five: Classic Matechuk’s- Week 5

My dad and i venture out into Home Depot to purchase the wood for my project!

Week Six: Back To The Drawing Board…. Literally and Bob the Builder

I try out a program online to create a beautiful blueprint, and it is a fail to say the least. So, I put some handyman skills to the test and build the thing.

Week Seven: Painters Gunna Paint

I tested the resources I had previously found, and painted the bench. There were definitely some revelations and learning along the way.

Week Eight: Aisle Be Back

I am trouble shooting some issues, and making my 100th trip back to the hardware store. This week I am doing some sanding.

Week Nine: MMMMM…. GLAZE 

Not to be mistaken with the glaze on a donut. I search the web to find the methods to glaze my bench and give it the antique look I am going for.

Week Ten: Don’t Mess This Up

This was probably the most crucial week. I am creating the barn wood effect on the wood. If this doesn’t turn out, it would ruin the whole look of the bench.

Week Eleven: Final Touches

I finally get to crack open the tough coat and add the finishing touches to my bench. It is now in my bedroom where it belongs, and I think it looks fabulous!

Thanks for following my journey! I will definitely continue to DIY things for myself in the future, and I have had a few requests to make a few more benches like this one.




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