Final Touches

The bench is FINALLY done!

All I need is a top coat! The one I am using is again, from Country Chiq Paint and it is called tough coat!

On their website, this product has a 5 star rating from 55 reviews. Their description of the product is very impressive, and I hope it will live up to it’s standard!

“Tough coat is an incredibly strong, water-based sealant. This is a very popular choice for people that want to seal kitchen cabinets, outdoor furniture, and table tops to make them water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and resistant to heavy wear and tear! As our strongest sealant, it offers maximum protection that will preserve your furniture’s surfaces for years to come” -retrieved from Country Chiq website.

On the product label, they describe how to use it. However, I wanted a more detailed description so I again referred to their website tutorials. 


One thing they emphasize is DO NOT SHAKE YOUR TOUGH COAT! It will cause it to bubble, and that will appear on your furniture.

What you need:

  • tough coat
  • foam brush
  • stir stick


What you do is stir the tough coat with a stir stick, and use the foam brush to apply the tough coat in one direction. It does dry very quickly and they urge you to not fix mistakes, just ensure to cover the area on your second coat.

I did want to do two coats because that is what they recommend. It says to wait approximately 2 hours before applying your next coat. So, to be safe I of course waited 4.

I must say the final product is amazing!! It looks so good in my room, and I am so impressedwith all of the techniques I learned throughout this process!

I look forward to doing more projects that involve antiquing, but my next step is going to be adding to the bench, and making it really look like a statement piece in my room!


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