An Hour Of Code

I spent an hour with Moana wayfinding, and fighting the kakamora!

Disclaimer: coding is difficult.

I went into my hour of coding thinking this would be easy. It is a kids game on the computer, I should be able to do it with no problem, right? Wrong! Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 2.41.09 PMI tracked my progress with screenshots, and I was definitely over confident with my first few coding lessons.

As it continued, I began to struggle a little bit more. I was able to complete the levels, but it did require problem solving skills and a couple of tries to pass some of the levels.

The final coding lessons were very challenging. It took a lot of problem solving skills, and attentiveness.

Coding is such a great skill to learn, and this website makes it fun! I felt like I was playing a computer game, and didn’t realize all the skills I was using in the process. I could definitely see myself using this in the classroom, and I could see my former students really enjoying this game.

Not only are the students learning how to use coding, they are learning problem solving skills. I found that teaching that can be very challenging, and I think that this would be a great way to incorporate that. I can also see students really enjoying the characters in the games, and wanting to work on this on their own time.

An hour of coding, an hour of learning!


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