I was low key attached to the Duck Blue, but I knew that I wanted the antique look, and glazing would help me achieve that.

From Country Chic Paint, i purchased a glaze in the shade Smoky Quartz.

Like I did for the paint, I used the companies website for my references. I was very impressed by the Country Chiq website as well. They too have a Blog, and they also have Tutorials and Inspiration, as well as many others options.

I used the Furniture Glaze Tutorial as my resource. When I would look at glazed furniture I always assumed it would be very difficult, but it is actually quite simple.

I did practice and demonstrate this in my week three vlog, but basically you just paint it on and wipe away the excess.

I also referred to this YouTube video before completing my work. And this is how it turned out…


I am really impressed with the way it looks, and I finally feel like I am nearing the end! I am very excited for the final few steps!


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