YouTube In The Classroom

I have been pro YouTube in the classroom because if it is used properly it can give us many many resources and learning opportunities! Most importantly, if Bill Nye enjoys it…so should you!


Via Giphy

Yes, YouTube has brought us many viral sensations (AKA Justin Bieber), but that is not the only reason why I think it should be used in the classroom.

I know that it is blocked in schools because there are things we do not want our students exposed to on there. But, there are alternative sites called YouTube For Schools/ YouTube For Teachers that gives you all the beauty of YouTube without the things you re blocking your children from.

YouTube should be used for many reasons:

  • students are more engaged through visually stimulating videos
  • Lessons can be easily shared across the globe through the website
  • The videos can supplement lessons
  • It is free information

Here are three resources to supplement my argument for YouTube:


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