Creeping Myself

My first step in cybersleuthing myself was to google my name. I was very interested in what came up… honestly at a glance I was kind of impressed.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 5.35.00 PM

For the most part, it is a good representation of what I stand for. First, is my professional twitter. Next, my personal Facebook which I try to keep as private as possible. Then, there are many articles related to S.A.D.D. Saskatchewan, where I currently hold the role of president. I think that my digital identity is something I have spent many hours grooming throughout my four years at university, so I was pleased to see a positive representation of myself online.

I did find an old profile while I was cybersleuthing myself, and I happily deactivated that account.

When I think of having a digital identity as a teacher I think of my idol: Joe Dombrowski. You may know of him from his viral video where he gave his students a fake spelling test as an April Fools prank. ¬†Since then he has become one of the most “famous” teachers on social media. The messages he spreads about embracing your weird, spreading kindness, and always having an attitude of gratitude is something I truly admire.

I think it is amazing to see the potential we have as teachers to create an online presence that can be so well known. Just like Teach Me Style, who is from right here in Regina. It definitely inspires me to create a professional identity on other social media accounts other than twitter. I hope that when I reflect back on this post a year from now my digital identity will have grown, and when I creep myself again I will be even more impressed with what I find.


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