It’s Not Always As Easy As 1-2-3

I have heard a ton about digital citizenship, but what really is it? Isn’t being a digital citizenship education just common sense education?

Being a good digital citizen is so much more than knowing your way around the internet. It’s safe and responsible technology use. It is connecting and collaborating over the web. It is navigating cyberbullying and other digital dilemmas.

The main challenge I see in facing teaching digital citizenship to students is not knowing what they are doing online. I think of Amanda Todd’s story, and how I could be the teacher in that situation.  There is still the potential that students will get trapped in an online dilemma even with the education they are given, and that is terrifying. There is so many aspects that need to be taught, So, I compiled a lit of resources to try and assist myself in the future.

First, the curriculum connections. Where to look:

  • Health Education is an easy area to include Digital Citizenship. Especially in the DM (Decision Making) outcomes, as well as USC (Understanding, Skills, and Confidences) outcomes
  • Social Studies- it has two main areas where we can incorporate digital citizenship; DR (Dynamic Relationship) outcomes, and IN (Interactions and Interdependence) outcomes
  •  English Language Arts- can be easily incorporated in the CR (Comprehend and Respond) outcomes

As we are often told, outcomes are written in stone, and indicators are written in sand. Therefore, the above may not be a perfect fit, but can be folded to meet the need to teach digital citizenship to your students. *these are just some of the examples*

Because Pinterest is always a go-to for myself personally, I created a Digital Citizenship board to show resources and ideas to use in the classroom for all ages.

There are some very good videos on digital citizenship via YouTube to watch as teachers, or to show our students:

While the task of teaching digital citizenship can be daunting, it is exciting to be at the forefront of this new technological age.




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