Back To The Drawing Board… Literally

I wanted to create my drafts online, but am having an extremely hard time finding something online to create a furniture draft. Most of the sites I have found are for much larger design projects.

First, I was on the site Wood Designer. This is “professional software for furniture and stairs” so I thought this would be a perfect fit for my needs. I created a free account because a) I am a poor university student, and b) it had everything I needed in that package. I created the account and it directed me to download the software so I could begin designing. So I did, and it would not download to a Mac computer. (Even though it claimed everything was available for Mac and Windows) So, this was a fail.

Next, I found SketchUp. This also sounded like the place I needed to be because apparently it is “3D modelling for everyone”. I made another account, and downloaded some more software. It gave a very vague run through of how the program works. So, I resorted to YouTube to teach me. I watched numerous videos before coming to my final conclusion:

My conclusion after these videos is this: this program is made for larger scale projects (i.e. designing a house). While there were some smaller projects to follow along with they were very hard for me to visually comprehend, and I realized that the online visual simply won’t be working for me.

So, back to the drawing board where I will be using the internet in other ways to assist me in being able to draw it on paper myself.

I am anxious to begin building!




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