DIY-ing and Experiment-ing

In doing some research, Simply Sarah claimed to be able to make new wood like like barn wood in 5 minutes FLAT! her steps were very simple with not much materials needed.

You need:

  • antiquing glaze (which I already have for the duck blue portion of the bench)
  • Brush
  • Hammer
  • White paint mixed with water

Basically, Simply Sarah says to paint your board with the paint, then with the glaze.

I loved this idea of an easy way to create barn board, but when I looked back at the images of barn board that I pinned on my Learning Project board, they had more of a grey tinge to them. So, I wanted to attempt my own version of Simply Sarah’s idea.

My materials:

  • Smoky Quartz antiquing glaze from Country Chiq paint
  • Grey stain from Minwax
  • Brush
  • Paper towel

I did two tests on my sample board. One where I only painted the glaze on the board, and I did not think it was enough. Then, using the technique from Simply Sarah, I stained the board grey, and then painted the glaze onto of it, AND I LOVED IT. It gave my the barn board that I was looking for! However, I did not let the stain dry long enough and painted the glaze on too soon, so I will definitely let it dry longer when I am working on my final project.

Growth in every step!


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