Can You Say #Overwhelmed ??

Woah! I think I just participated in my first #edchat tonight, but that hour was a blur! It was so exciting and overwhelming!

I do not know what I would have done without TweetDeck! It was really hard to keep up with the hashtag when tweets were passing through my screen at lightning speed. At first, I felt frantic as I tried to read everything at once. I didn’t know what to contribute in the beginning so I just started to “like” all of the tweets that resonated with me.

Once I reminded myself to slow down and relax I became more involved in the chat. I did not make too many tweets, but I did contribute some. It was so cool to see how many people were involved. At one point, I noticed someone for Ireland following along with the chat! How cool is that?

From this experience, I gained lots of new resources and a few new people to follow! It was definitely exciting, and I look forward to participating in another #edchat very soon!


7 thoughts on “Can You Say #Overwhelmed ??

  1. Morgan Peters says:

    Carley, great post! I can totally relate to you, I found my first Edchat super overwhelming as well (I didn’t even say anything, I just read what others had to say) way to go for participating! One suggestion I might make would be with your links. It might be nice to have them open up in a new tab, allowing your readers to keep your blog open, as well as have the link open at the same time! (This is definitely not a make or break situation by any means.) Keep up the great work!


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