Blogging: A Fresh Start

Hey EDTC300! I am definitely a reluctant blogger, so bear with me throughout the course. In previous classes I have blogged, but I never really got into it. After taking a year or so of a break from blogging I am excited to try again with a new perspective. I was overly excited when I was able to add widgets to my blog, I felt very professional. So, maybe this is a assign of a good start.

My experience with educational technology and technology in the classroom is very minimal. Personally, I feel like we have been provided with minimal resources about educational technology throughout university. During my internship experience there was extremely limited amounts of technology in the school. So, we used our projector for three months whenever it was relevant. Towards the middle of November, we were able to book out laptops for our students, and we did work with google drive and google slides. This was about the extent of our technology availability.

My personal relationship with technology is an interesting thing to comprehend. When I am around my parents, or people of their generation I generally feel very advanced in the tech world. That is, until I am with someone in my generation who is actually good with technology. I feel like I am always googling how to work my computer, or how to change settings on Word or PowerPoint. I am capable, but I would not consider myself an expert by any means. I am hoping these feelings will change throughout the course of the semester.


Photo Credit: symphony of love Flickr via Compfight cc
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