Incorporating EE in my class

​As someone who has aspired to be an educator pretty much my whole life I have always thought it was important to spend time outside with my class, and I think kids really do want to be outside. When I was doing my “Workplace 10” class in high school I was working in a grade ¾ split classroom for the week, and we did go outside twice. Not for a specific learning purpose like a nature walk, but they walked to the town library once a week, and that week there was an SRC scavenger hunt outside. The kids absolutely loved these activities, but what stuck out to me was how excited they were when it was our turn to do recess supervision. The few times that week that we supervised recess, the kids wanted to play games with us, and have our attention the entire time. Instead of taking their break to burn off energy it was like they still wanted to be in class, but outside.
​Reflecting on this experience I realize what kind of environment the students wanted to be in and learn in. Being outside doesn’t make them lose focus, it can make some students work better. Because of this experience, and this class, I have set a goal for myself to take my students outside as often as I can, hopefully at least once a week. I would also love to bring Little Green Thumbs into my classroom, and have a vermacomposting bin as a tool to teach the students. I never realized the importance of Environmental Education to me, and I never knew much about it until this semester, but as my knowledge continues to grow so does the importance of EE in my educational philosophy.


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