Action Learning Experience

My action-learning journey was definitely interesting. I found every project that was presented interesting, and from this experience I changed my habits that were not just from my project. It was cool to have friends in other projects, and we would talk about our projects quite often. I was learning from what they learnt, and that made me change a lot of my habits. For example: I always take a reusable bag to the grocery store now. For mine challenge in particular, it was hard for me to make sure all of my meals were local. Like I said in my personal story, I have a lot of local meat in my freezer (beef and moose), but I live with my boyfriend, and our schedules are both crazy. So, if he was home before I was and decided to make supper, he wouldn’t necessarily remember about my project and would cook something that was not local. It was also challenging because I spent a few days at home over the February break, and I had to calculate the meals my parents were cooking. It was week 2 so it was not a huge deal if the food was not local, but it still impacted my results. I was super excited to start the challenge, but once we started I realized how difficult it was going to be because of my school schedule. We are guilty for going to grab Subway for supper if we are both at school or work til 7-9 pm, and I couldn’t do that these weeks, so sometimes I would not finish making supper until 9:30 which was challenging at times. The biggest take away I have from this is how much local food is actually out there. I did not know which restaurants served local food, or how to access local vegetables in the middle of winter, but now I do. Because I was so interested in this topic beforehand I will definitely continue to buy/grow/eat local, and this project has provided me with many tools to do so.


One thought on “Action Learning Experience

  1. khuberblog says:

    Carley, I also found all the presentations interesting and that I could take away something from each one and apply it to my life or add it to my continually evolving understanding of eco-literacy. With your group’s presentation, I was quite ignorant as well to the availability of local food in our community. Especially intriguing to me, was that fresh local produce can be acquired during the winter months. With your blog, I noticed that it also has a connection to my action learning blog post in relation to the feminist poststructural reading we did. I think both of our action learning projects, according to this concept, did not take into account multiple perspectives on our issues, and also approached them as “tourists.” I think for all of the project presentations that I saw there was a lack of that more-than-human concept that seems to be the underlying lesson of this course. I don’t mean to say that all the presentations were bad or completely missed the point, but that we are continually evolving in our EE perspectives and there is a progression towards this preferred concept of one with nature.


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