My Take Away This Far

Something from this class that has got me thinking is what we have learned about Treaty Education. I have learned so much this semester, and I know that what we have talked about should be basic knowledge, but in school I cannot remember a time that we learnt about Treaty Education. Now that I have been reflecting on my own school experience after learning about it, I have realized all of the things I have missed out on, and all of the things that my teachers could have and should have done. When I got to University I felt like I was so behind compared to some others because they knew so much more about Treaties, and Indigenous culture than I did. I literally had no idea that residential schools existed until this year of university because it was never talked about. At times I want to blame myself, but it was not my fault because if I was never told about it how would I be able to look into it more? I like that we are learning now what we can do as teachers to include Treaty Education into our classrooms. I feel like I have begun to understand and reveal the bias’s I have that were around me when I was growing up, and I have stated to break them down. I can relate to what Mike wrote about his first day at that small town school when he said he thought some negative things and immediately thought to himself “why would I think that?” It is difficult to admit it, but I think it is good that I am. I have learned to appreciate it when my thinking is being challenged, and that has happened a lot in this class. It used to make me uncomfortable, but now when we discuss a topic that is meant to make us feel uncomfortable I try to understand what we are talking about, and why it is important, and how it has affected me rather than getting angry at the subject.


One thought on “My Take Away This Far

  1. keiganduczek says:

    I sadly agree with you because I also did not get a class or any time dedicated to learning about Treaty Education when I was in elementary and high school. I want to teach my students at a young age about Treaty Education so they don’t feel like their missing out like I do now. I am also very happy that we are learning how to incorporate Treaty Education into my future lesson plans. Great post! 🙂


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