The Blessing Behind Zero Cell Service

When I think about my eco-identity I think of my cabin at Emma Lake, Sk. Emma Lake is highly populated, and not very “woodsy” itself. I do not really like this lake for these reasons, but luckily our cabin is about 1-2 miles away in a little place called Rothenburg. Even though it is less than a five minute drive to the lake it is very secluded. The lake has 3 parts, and ‘The Third Lake” is the only part that has no cabins along the water’s edge. and this is the side we are closest too. We do not have cellphone service where we are, our cabin is heated by a wood stove (with the wood that we cut and split ourselves), and it is in a very small and wooded area. Like I said before, I do not like Emma Lake, and luckily neither does my family, so if we are ever going to spend our days on the boat we drive about 15 minutes into the Prince Albert National Park to a different lake that is always very quiet (this place does not have any reception either, sometimes not even the radio works). Now that you know a little bit about this place, I will tell you why I think of it when I think of my eco-identity.

I am usually disgustingly attached to my phone, it is a terrible habit that I need to break. But, at the lake I do not have the option of checking my phone, I mean, I could try, but it would only end in me standing on a chair on the deck with my phone upside down in my hand while I try to find service (yes, if you hold your phone upside down it will find service better). To avoid frustration, I usually just keep it on airplane mode. But, every time I am there it amazes me the things that I can find to do, my creativity is way better when I do not have a device in my hand, and I am much more active when I am there. People almost always comment on how well my brother and I get along, we literally never fight. But, part of this bond we have is from finding things to do together. We don’t really have the option to fight or we would have no one to hang out with. We build things, go for walks, pick berries, play volleyball, we do everything together. This is why this place reflects my eco-identity, because here I can connect with and be a part of nature rather than having the feeling of being superior to it.

**forgot to take a picture of my picture…coming soon**


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