In The Middle Of Things

Throughout the last two months this class my thinking has been challenged and changed in many ways. The most impactful time was when David Orr stated that “all education is environmental education” (Orr, 12). Unfortunately, environmental education is not a topic commonly discussed, and therefore I had not heard of it much before. It had a huge impact on me, and I do believe that claim even though it is a bold one. In the first blog post I made, I thought about what the environment meant to me, and when I was making my journal entry I had tunnel vision and could only think of the kinds of environments that are frequently in my life. It did not occur to me that the environment is in danger when I was asked this questions. It also didn’t make me think of the things I am doing to help the environment, I only could think of pieces of the environment itself. Then, in my next blog post which as within a week of the other post, I talked about environmental education. When I first read the article the myth are what stood out to me, therefore that is what I talked about, and today when I think of the article I do not think of the same things. Reflecting on those blog posts I would have discussed more about what I do to help the environment, and the issues that are going on. Today I find myself much more aware of everyday things I do, and I believe it is because of this class. Before this class I never thought about taking a reusable bag to get groceries, recycled small amounts of cardboard, thought about where my food comes from, or considered the amount of water I am using in a shower. These are many of the things that have changed as my awareness grows from this class. If I could change my posts, these are the things I would talk about.

In relation to the latest half of the class, my awareness was more relevant in my blog posts. I have begun to think of the land itself without considering me on it. I have also been reflecting on the relationship that we as humans have with the land. I especially reflected on that during my love letter to my Grandma, instead of thinking of the environmental practices she did I focussed on her love of the land, and her bond with nature which I believe to be extremely important. Then, we talked about being on Treaty 4 land, and were instructed to reflect on what was here before we were. I related that to something that played a major role in my childhood which is Little House on the Prairie. Reflecting on these past journals I would definitely relate more to the First Nations cultures. It is obvious that before there were the pioneers there were the Indigenous people on the land, and I feel like that did not come through as well as I would have liked it to. In the last while, I have learned and experienced more about their culture, and with that I have gained tremendous respect for it. I would like to acknowledge this more when I think about the land, and what it was like before the “settler-invader” (Newberry, 31).

I think now that I have reflected on these two aspects it will have a great impact on my abilities as a teacher. I believe that there is great importance in both of these subjects, and do feel like it is necessary for me to pass on this knowledge now that I have it, and now that it is growing. I can relate to David Orr’s claim and now think that the environmental practices I do need to be passed down, or I need to at least talk about them to my students, and make them more aware. I think awareness is the first step in changing behaviours, and not that I have that I have noticed a major change in myself. I hope that my views will continue to change in a positive way, and I believe they will as I continue to learn. I greatly appreciate that this class has allowed me to observe the environment in ways that I never have before in ways like having “silent time”, and this has shown me a beneficial tool to use in my teaching, and being in the elementary education program I believe my students would benefit from the same opportunities.


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