Passing Down Knowledge

Currently in Saskatchewan the teachers have no power when it comes to the K-12 curriculum. Instead, it is the Ministry of Education who has the power in creating/changing the documents. It is mandatory for the schools and teachers to cover all the predetermined outcomes in the documents given. It does concern me as a teacher that he government will be the ones who have the final say in what needs to be taught. Not everyone making these decisions have had experience in the field, and this is concerning because that means they could possibly lack some knowledge on what exactly the students need. I believe that the teachers should in the least be partially involved in creating the outcomes since they are in the field every day. I also believe there are many knowledgeable people who are involved in education such as professors who could also bring improvements to the curriculum. With all this being said, we are fortunate enough as teachers to be able to still teach in the ways we want in order to reach those outcomes.


5 thoughts on “Passing Down Knowledge

  1. noellenestman says:

    The people in power usually make the final decisions in mostly everything in our society. This has pros and cons to it. I don’t think our curriculum is necessarily bad, but I think it could make major improvements to it if they let the people with less power (the teachers) have some say in the outcomes and indicators of our curricula.


  2. hailielogan says:

    Hi Carley,
    I really like what you said about how the government does’t have field experience therefore they could be missing key components to educating students. I find it frustrating how teachers have to follow curriculum to the T, while they aren’t even the ones who really have a say in it.


  3. dacyvance says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more! Us teachers definitely need a larger say when it comes to creating the curriculum. It is good that we still get to teach in the way that we want to in order to reach the goals needed. It would just be nice to have a say in what some of those goals should be!


  4. Kelly D says:

    You have some great points when it comes to curriculum. I do think we as teachers need to have influence in some part of the curriculum making. There are many different people with this knowledge that would have a great influence in this area besides teachers. We do have a good curriculum at the moment but there is areas that could still use some works.


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