Dear Grandma: Love Letter

Carley Matechuk

508 University Park Drive

Regina, SK

S4V 2Z3

January 26, 2016

Dear Grandma Annette,

You are the most inspirational person I have ever met, and you are my hero. Your love for the environment is so inspiring, and I can’t understand how you can have such a bond with nature. I remember one time when you and I were sitting on your front steps watching the hummingbirds come to your feeder. You were telling me that I needed to sit still and be quiet or else they would be too scared to come, and after you said that a humming bird landed on your nose! I could not and still cannot believe that happened. You are such a gentle and caring person, and it reflected in everything you did. With me, the rest of the grandkids, and the environment. Your garden was your pride and joy, and I can’t remember a time when we did not have fresh veggies with the huge delicious suppers you would make us. To this day I have never grown vegetables that come out of the garden tasting like yours did, and it was because of the love you put into everything you did.

You also taught me about purpose. Everything in life has a purpose and everything happens for a reason. You would tell me this on countless occasions. The worst thing I have ever seen you do is use a fly swatter. If there was ever a spider you would trap it and set it free outside, even though I think it would just crawl back into your house and you would have to go through the trouble of catching it again. I can’t imagine how mortified you were when I told you I shot my first deer. I wish I could have seen the things you would do while you still lived on the farm, especially since the stories you told made me feel like I was there. I can only imagine the bonds you had with your horses, dogs, and other animals. You lived such a natural lifestyle, and not only is it uncommon, but it is something to be so proud of.

I am forever grateful for the wisdom you passed on to me in the short amount of time we had together. You taught me countless lessons that I didn’t even realize I was learning. Every once in a while I will see an animal who is far more comfortable around me than an animal should be, and I think of you. I think of your bond with everything in the environment, and I think of your smiling face and your contagious laughter. You spoiled me with you love and your wisdom, two of the greatest gifts that money can’t buy. Thank you for everything you have done for me.

With love, your granddaughter,

Carley Matechuk


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