David Orr: Environmental Education

My journal entry for this week is a combination of the David Orr reading, and the pictures we found off of google. The myths that Orr talked about stuck with me, because they are myths that many believe, and many are taught. So, I incorporated the myths that we believe and made it into one of the types of pictures that we found. My picture is a girl believing all of the myths David Orr talked about. Where she is the grass is green and the sky is blue. It is my version of a stereotypical “pretty picture”. But, above her is more of a reality. There is pollution, garbage, gas emissions, unrecycled bottles, and the chemical symbols which resemble the chemicals used daily. When we discussed the pictures I was interested in the facts that they make you feel sad or guilty. I understand that felling those things may make you want to change but they generally do not make a lasting impression. It also does not give you the tools to solve any of the problems. Therefore, we are taught to feel bad about it but not necessarily taught how to fix it. Like the article said, all education is environmental education. So, we are being taught to feel bad about all of the problems. This is my interpretation of a David Orr environmental education picture.



3 thoughts on “David Orr: Environmental Education

  1. chasitypeigan says:

    I would have to agree with you Carley, that we all want to help the environment and keep it clean and healthy but yet we don’t do anything about it which makes us feel guilty, I know I do that all the time especially when I comes to recycling and turning off lights and not taking long showers. I liked your picture because it simple shows how many of us feel. I would liked to see the picture be you though and your view instead of being “a girl’s” interpretation. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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