What Does The Environment Mean To Me?

What does the environment mean to me? When I was asked this question I began to think of the things out doors that I loved. The first thing I thought of was the lake. Prince Albert National park has been a second home for me since I was in elementary school. So, when we were talking about environments this particular setting came to mind. Along with the picture, words came to mind that I added which surrounded the lake. The second thing that came to mind was farming. I worked on a farm this past summer, and agriculture has always been a part of my life. Along with my stocks of wheat follow words that they remind me of. The deer is also representative of wildlife. Hunting is a big part of my life as well, but it is more than that. I respect wildlife and admire them as well. To me, animals are a huge part of the environment. Therefore, there is the deer along with words to describe it. Lastly, there is the leaf, and the ribs of the leaf have words that come to mind about the environment and the leaf. I chose a leaf because it represents life. And, I personally think that fall is the most beautiful season and the leaf represents that. Lastly, I have a small divide in my page to represent the different environments. When I think of the environments, I think of the outdoors and nature, but I also think of my personal environment. Such as, my family and friends. School and my home are also very important environments to me, so they were added in as well. I wanted to show both environments that come to mind when I am asked that question, because both are very important to me.IMG_1475


3 thoughts on “What Does The Environment Mean To Me?

  1. jessicaweberblog says:

    Carley, I really like the point that you made near the end of your post about your two different environments. When thinking of different environments I also believe that we have a more personal environment that we some what have control of creating and a natural environment that we live in. Your creative journal component was awesome – I can tell that you put lots of effort into it and it looks awesome!! 🙂 What is your favourite memory at Prince Albert National Park??


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