Counter Narrative- Grid Roads

Grid roads are something that every Saskatchewan resident can relate to. But, no story will ever be the exact same. In my story about grid roads, the narrative I related my story to was the story of the nation. My story emphasizes the life of a teenager in a small town. A quotation from the reading “Nationalist Histories ad Multiethnic Classrooms” can sum up the stereotypes involved in my story of the self: “’Grand narrative’ underlies public memory in Canada. It is the stuff of the most widely circulated, ‘common sense’ representations of the past” (Stanley, 13). When trying to think of a story related to Canada and grid roads, the most stereotypical things came to my mind, because that is what we identify as being a Canadian.

Courtney and I both wrote about the nation, and how the grid roads define who we are and where we are from. Jalyssa wrote about finding herself as a person. Tragic events can sape the way we view things, and this is what grid roads did for her. Even though our stories did not cover intense topics like gender and race, they are real. I do feel like certain aspects of my story could relate to gender because of the male dominance, or class because o he fact we were doing the things we did. But, that is for the reader to find when they are listening to our stories.


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