Reading Response

After reading the article, I came to realize that my own ethnic identities have shaped my teaching identities, classroom practices, and relationship with students. I can relate to the Australia example, because I grew up in an almost all white school, and it was perceived that the different cultures coming to Canada are the only immigrants in the country. It relates back to ECS 100 when we realized that anyone who is not of First Nations descent is, or at one time was, an immigrant.

It is extremely difficult to avoid stereotypes, and Santoro described some stereotypes that classified certain races in Australia. This example is very relatable to Canada. Being from an all-white school, and having the first “immigrant” come in, it was difficult not to fall into the stereotype because that is all you have heard. This has shaped my teaching identities because it is what I seen growing up while I was aspiring to be a teacher. It has also shaped my classroom practices because they are considered rather traditional. Everyone in their desks with their homework done and materials ready. These are related to western worldviews, related to my race.


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