Beginning Courageous Conversations about Race Response

“Beginning Courageous Conversations about Race” related well to the topics discussed in class. Similar to Evans talk in class, the article did not sugar coat anything. The authors clearly understands the difficulties relating to the topic and has possibly dealt with them first hand. The section about discomfort was very relatable. I do not know if it would have been as easy to relate to this without having taken this class. Before now race has been a subject that was just grazed over, but we have tried to take on as much as possible in order to grasp an understanding, and it can be very uncomfortable a times. Everyone’s views are different and opinions may clash which is part of the process. But, pushing through that is when the real understanding happens.

As a future educator, this article opened up my eyes about the need for the talk about race. Throughout the year I have realized how much I was unaware of, and I don’t want my students to feel that way. Especially about a topic as touchy as this. I want them to know the myths from the facts, and create a safe space to discuss different cultures. With this article, I more clearly understood how to discuss this with a class, and how to remind myself of the conversations I have already had.


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