Jigsaw- Part III

From these articles I was extremely surprised by the Canadian government. The most shocking aspect of these articles for me was the fact that the government practically encouraged the racism. Because we have been learning so much about the “melting pot” versus the “mosaic” it is hard to comprehend the facts that were presented to me. There are tons of hidden secrets within the Canadian government and I haven’t decided whether I am intrigued or disgusted.

The most disturbing moment for me was hearing about the Ukrainians. I am a Ukrainian, but I do not know very much about that piece of my family’s history. It makes me wonder if anyone in my family was put through the awful conditions the people in the article were put through. All of the articles have horrible qualities, but this one hit home for me because of my personal connection to the stories. The good thing about this article though is that it makes me want to ask more questions, and learn more about my family because I am positive there is a lot to learn.


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