A Canadian Hockey Sister

When I was beginning school as a kid I was taught that I am a Canadian. However, it was the media that taught me what it means to be a Canadian. Growing up we see all kinds of commercials, billboards or magazines filled with hockey, Tim Hortons, maple syrup, etc. And it is from these ads that we come to understand what it means to be a Canadian. I have never felt like I was not a Canadian, but there have been a few moments when I felt more like a Canadian.

What makes me feel most like a Canadian is going to my brother’s hockey games. One particular season there were three other sisters from the team who were around the same age as me. We were their number one fans, and never missed a game. For that year those three girls were my best friends. Before every game we would go to Tim Hortons together, and then sit at the rink and wait for another hour and a half for the game to start. Every hockey family can relate; we spend more time waiting for the game to start or for the kids to get undressed than we do actually watching the game. Nevertheless, we waited. We would always watch the warm-up, and be the ones cheering the loudest when the game finally started. It was so much fun seeing them every weekend, and it was even more fun to be with people who enjoyed the same things as me.

The four of us would be complimented for supporting our brothers, and being great sisters. But, we were just doing something that we enjoyed. This made me feel like a Canadian for the obvious reasons: we lived off of Tim Hortons, and watched hockey all the time. But, I also made great memories and great friends. That is what being a Canadian is truly about.


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