Reading Response 1

The reading I chose was chapter one titled “’You’ll Never Believe What Happened’ is Always a Great Way to Start” in the novel The Truth About Stories by Thomas King. I liked the reading, however it was difficult to read at points. It would be very interesting during certain pieces of the chapter for example when he told the story of his dad leaving, and how he wants to meet him in a bar. However, other parts were like changing a tire; a slow process to get through. For example, when he compares Christianity and his native culture. There are differences between the stories in the bible and God compared to oral stories about The Creator. And, I have no opinion on what is right or wrong, but I find it difficult to compare two things without explaining them equally. It was obvious which one Mr. King believes in, and that is okay. However, it then is not an equal comparison. Pieces of the chapter such as these were a slower read for me, but it always picked up again.

I loved the way Thomas King described stories throughout the chapter, for example the quotation: “the truth about stories is that’s all we are.” I would never have thought of this point of view before, but now that I am made aware of it, it is very true. He has a philosophy about stories and the lives we live that I can easily relate to, and I believe others can relate to it as well. We can chose what stories to tell as well as what stories to believe, and the truth behind these words is not one that is thought of often. This is another aspect that made the chapter an easy read.


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