Writing the Self 1- Home for me

The small town of Colonsay, Saskatchewan is home to me. When I say a small town, I mean small. It is not a “small town of 15,000 people” like celebrities would say. I am talking about 500 people, one co-op, a Chinese restaurant, and the infamous junction which is five minutes away. Everybody knows everybody and you can literally stand at the end of one street and see all the way across town.

I have lived in Colonsay since the year 2000, and my family still lives there. However, this is not the only reason I call this small town home. Having lived there for the majority of my life I made amazing friends, created a bond with my teachers, and became the person I am today. Colonsay School was the most amazing place for me to grow up. It could be considered my second home. The atmosphere in the school is so welcoming, and they have such a great staff that are so close with their students. Looking back on high school I realize that it was the teachers that created the biggest impact on me. They were there for me when I needed them, they inspired me, and they educated me. I will always be grateful for the role they played in my life. It was a bitter sweet graduating day when I not only said good-bye to my five classmates, but to my teachers as well. Being in such a small community forced everyone to be friends. No one was able to pick and choose who your friends were. When you are in a class of six people, your options are limited. Another aspect of high school that I will always remember is senior volleyball. We called ourselves “the 1A School that could”. Other teams would literally laugh when we walked onto the court… but they weren’t laughing at the end of the game. Our little team of seven short players got fourth in provincials. These friendships and memories are what made Colonsay School such an amazing place to grow up.

My family is also a huge part of my life, and my best friend is my younger brother, Layne. We are the siblings that almost always get along, and can hang out like friends. I also have to mention that he is affiliated Prince Albert Mintos player. Even though I never played hockey myself it is a huge part of my childhood. I spent more time in the rink watching Layne play hockey than I put into my own sports. And I proudly label myself as a hockey sister. I never take for granted my relationship with my brother and we have kept in contact since I moved away from home. I am a current resident of Regina, Saskatchewan and student at the University of Regina. I am lucky enough to have family in Regina who I am living with for my first year, and I am able to go home every couple of weeks. Although moving to a city has turned my life upside down, I wouldn’t change a thing.


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